Founded in 2017

We are committed to addressing the challenge of urban food deserts by transforming them into local food-producing urban ecosystems. These ecosystems will empower people, local economy and food based education. We will inspire a lively food culture and create a sustainable model for all        at-risk communities.

Staff and Board of Directors

Annmarie Feiler | Executive Director

 A seasoned professional and experienced leader with a proven ability to strategically design and implement successful departmental structure for world class hospitality providers for over 20 years.  Her highly innovative fundraising and strategic planning methods place an emphasis on community collaboration. Annmarie is currently directing her passion into establishing and growing Urban Seed Foundation which will bridge food insecurities, eliminate food deserts and create sustainable solutions for healthy communities.  

Cynthia Thompson | Chair

  Cynthia has been involved in over $1 billion in financing during her career. During that time she had direct responsibility in taking two companies public on the American Stock Exchange. Cynthia was also a Co-founder of Nevada Gold & Casinos, Inc. (UWN). She has also been involved in financing or management in industries such as restaurants, hotel/casinos, real estate, golf and technology. Currently Cynthia is the President of Urban Seed Inc. and sits as a Board of Director.  

Rachel Wenman | Co-Chair

  Rachel Wenman is a proud native of Las Vegas, thriving entrepreneur and leader in the community. Her reputation started at The Palms Hotel and Casino where she earned a significant following in nightlife and hospitality circles, at the time crowning her one of Vegas’ most successful nightlife marketers. She received many accolades and notoriety over the past 10 years for her expertise in marketing and relationship building. She has been involved in developing brands and companies in industries such as restaurants, hotel/casinos, real estate, philanthropy and technology. Rachel is currently the Vice President + Co-Chairman of Business Advisory Board for Urban Seed Inc.   

Tom Winn | Director

  Over the last 40 years Tom has been involved in forming, financing, and managing over a dozen corporations and 100+ partnerships. He has served as the President of Aaminex Capital for over 30 years and been involved in over $1 billion in financing in industries such as agribusiness, restaurants, hotel/ casinos, real estate, movies, renewable energy and mining. He founded and served as President/CEO of Nevada Gold & Casinos, (“UWN”) from 1994 to 2006, during which time the company was listed on the American Stock Exchange, listed in the Russell 3000 Index, and was number 54 of Fortune 100’s fastest growing small companies.

Keith Bell | Director

 Keith has an extensive background in mechanical engineering having worked with major corporations such as Boeing, Northrup, Nasa, Raytheon and McDonald Douglas. Mr. Bell now owns and operates two companies. One company is engaged in the design and manufacturing of specialized, environmentally- controlled containers to house satellites and flight hardware. The other company specializes in plastics and composite materials molding. Keith has studied and developed new technologies in lighting and grow systems for the produce industry. Keith is Chief Operating Officer + President of Urban Seed Technology Inc.

Advisory Board

Jolene Mannina | Culinary Advisory Board

  Vice President  |  Culinary Partnerships + Chairman of Culinary Advisory Board Jolene has operated within the hospitality industry for more than 20 years in positions ranging from that of a Captain at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans to the creator of culinary events and TV shows including Back of the House Brawl and Late Night Chef Fight on A&E's FYI Network. Jolene's event management company, Relish LLC, has become the go-to resource for all things culinary and operations in the burgeoning festival world. As Head of Culinary for the inaugural Life Is Beautiful Festival in Downtown Las Vegas as well as working with a long list of other events and festivals such as Further Future, Jolene possesses a unique tenacity and ability to foresee needs and meet any challenge presented to her. As VP of Culinary Relationships and Chairman of the Culinary Advisory Board, Jolene will grow Urban Seed’s relationships and build partnerships with visionaries who drive hospitality.  

Jared Krulewitz | Marketing Advisory Board

  Jared Krulewitz is a proud Las Vegas native who has a passion for urban farming and philanthropy. He received a Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering from California Polytechnic State University in 2009. When returning to Las Vegas he began his career in marketing, implemented strategy and concepts for some the largest nightlife groups. From there Jared took his skills in marketing and background in engineering to build a consulting company that would give companies structure while telling their brands story. Urban Seed Inc. is a culmination of Jared's strengths where he currently holds the position as Vice President of Marketing.